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Introducing Break-Up COUNTRY

Over 30 years ago, Toxey Haas launched a small camo company in West Point, Mississippi. He did so with an obsession for the outdoors and a belief he had a better method of concealment. Today, Mossy Oak is at the forefront of the outdoor industry with a wide variety of concepts connecting people … [Read More...]


Ozonics: An Incredible Advantage

As a hunter and cameraman, I'm always looking for anything that can give me an advantage in the woods. And since I'm new to the Wallhanger TV team this was my first experience with Ozonics. All I can say is wow! On several occasions this season I had deer come from "wrong" direction and in a … [Read More...]


G5 Outdoors delivers with Havoc

Wallhanger TV has long been fans of G5 Outdoors and their family of gear. From rests to quivers, broadheads to sight, G5 Outdoors deliveries. This season the Wallhanger team deployed the G5 Havoc broadhead and it did not disappoint. It delivered exactly what we were looking for, a dynamic, bone … [Read More...]


Elite Archery: Morgan Joins Elite Archery

Elite Archery has signed a multi year contract with World Champion Archer and bowhunter, Levi Morgan. Effective November 1, 2013, Levi will shoot Elite Archery bows exclusively in competition and also on his television show Name the Game™ with Levi Morgan.     “I love this sport. I love archery, … [Read More...]